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Hootone remedies is an Indian pharmaceutical firm with ISO 9001:2000 certification and manufacturing according to FDA GPM Standard Specifications, following the traditional time proven Indigenous Indian ethics of Unani-Ayurvedic-Siddah system in concurrence the most modern medical findings, exercising our own innovative techniques for developing drugs for the dreaded diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Leukemia, Hepatitis, Kidney failure, Heart problems & Liver diseases etc confronting the cotemporary world.

Hootone Remedies aims at researching & developing herbal drugs, especially the life saving ones not available in any other system at present and our R&D wing had several landmark achievements to its credit, like formulating the most outstanding anti-retroviral herbal drug HOO-IMM Plus which recorded 98% inhibition in invitro test whereas the inhibition recorded by any other anti-retroviral drug in the present market is within the range of 35-65 only.

According to the Ayurvedic concept health does not mean mere physical fitness, but, physical, mental and spiritual well being of a human being and therefore our policy has been first to impart proper spiritual training to the patients to make their mental make-up conducive to accept our treatment and then to treat the disease.

‘Prevention is better than cure’. In keeping with this medical dictum we give priority in the processing of prophylactic products together with indoctrinating the people at large through electronic & printed media towards this concept.

Company Mission

Eradication of diseases from the face of the earth not only by providing advanced efficacious (Patient friendly) herbal drugs but also by creating and cultivating health consciousness among the general public worldwide with the co-operation and coordination of like-minded professionals and organizations in the medical field. Render assistance and co-operation to the Indian medical fraternity, in particular and those of the world, in general for facing the challenges in the treatment of HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases. To reach out to a substantially large section of Indian population in particular and the world in general by 2005. In a nation of 1 billion people, more than 40% of them living below poverty line, but, topping the list of nations afflicted with epidemics like AIDS & Tuberculosis we are aware of our role for providing efficacious herbal drugs at Indian prices.

Research & Development

Research and Development meant for enriching the quality of life. At HOOTONE, we are unraveling the secrets of health and disease. We bring to this endeavor not only our wide-rang products but also the resources of a company devoted to the scientific enterprise for the betterment of the mankind. The age-old Indian traditional knowledge of Unani & Ayurvedic System of Medicines are merged with the modern therapeutic system of medicines so as to get the best of the treatment but without the harmful side effects and contra-indications. Our efforts are fuelled by a sense of morality and by the realization that the highest purpose of our work is to help people around the world do more, feel better and live longer. Research & Development are on the process to further improve the quality of life in respect to HIV patients, Heart patients, Kidney failure patients, Diabetic patients etc.

Corporate Statment

Our motive is strictly spiritual and our motto, ‘serving the suffering humanity’. HOOTONE REMEDIES have hitherto brought about relief and solace to tens of thousands of patients suffering from disastrous diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Leukemia, Hepatitis, Kidney failure, Heart problems And Liver disorders etc. “Work is worship and duty is divine” is our ancestral slogan. And prompted by the prophetic precept, “Whole humanity is the family of Almighty Lord and one who serves His family best shall be nearest to Him”, we are devoutly dedicated to serve the suffering humanity by providing them the best quality products and services .We are nourishing our own 108 acres of HOOTONE HERBAL GARDEN at Latwan in Ratnagiri District of Maharastra, India, so as to assure the unrestricted supply of top quality raw materials, especially some such species which should be nourished and plucked under our direct care and supervision, and , the whole process of production being undertaken under the stringent supervision and keenest quality control of our expert professionals in their respective fields.”Almighty Has created medicines for all the diseases, except death, which is not a disease but a divine decree. Medicines help mitigate the malaise (Almighty willing) giving relief from ailments, but are incapable of either increasing or decreasing our life span, already decreed by our creator Lord Almighty,” according to Holy Qu’ran, Bible and Atharva Veda.Life and death is in His Merciful Hands though, we are the masters of our destiny, which in turn is determined by our faith. Man is his mind and mind is the abode of faith. Thoughts originate in mind. Good thoughts create true faith and evil thoughts lead to false faith. It is a scientific fact that positive thoughts improve the immunity power and negative thoughts breed illness. Sentiments like love, compassion and forgiveness etc, will improve our health whereas jealousy, anger and hatred etc, will make adverse effect on our health. Inner purity is more essential than external cleanliness and that a pious gentleman is always more safe and sound in health than an irreligious guy. It is a striking example to see that pure hearted people like Sufis and Saints leading a healthy life of longevity though they thrive on simple humble livelihood. So, basically, try to keep our mind pure and naturally a pure minded man will always think good, talk good and act good. And remembrance of our Creator Lord Almighty is the greatest good to be cherished and nourished by the human heart, which will attain not only peace and salvation thereby, but also a healthy life of longevity.


The Company is committed to Total Quality Management. We have always been committed to providing the highest quality products that are safe and effective. Quality is a demand that no company in the pharmaceutical industry can afford to pass by. And so our products, systems and equipments fulfil the most stringent demands of the statutory requirements as well as the International Quality Management. Conferring to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards we follow quality-relevant principles – customer orientation, technological superiority, continuous improvement and fair supplier relations. And for this very reason the World know whatever comes from HOOTONE is the best in its efficacy and effectiveness, safety and conformity to the law – in one word this means a high degree of customer satisfaction. Manufacturing process is carried through sophisticated modern equipments in accordance with the latest technologies as per GMP Standards. Quality Control and Assurance at HOOTONE are maintained through a well-equipped laboratory capable of analyzing the quality of raw and packaging materials, intermediate and finished products. There are separate facilities for physical, chemical and microbiological testing so as to assure consistent quality.

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