Efficacious for :

  1. Peptic ulcer
  2. Deodenal ulcer
  3. Gastric ulcer

Dosage :
For adults : 1 Capsule thrice a day.
(9 to 16 years) : 1 Capsule each as twice a day.
Children (below 9 years) : Open 1 capsule take half of it, mix the medicine with honey and serve as prescribed above.
OR Consult your own physician.
Packing :
6 blisters of 10’s pack in a carton.



Relieves gastric & deodenal ulcer.

Each Capsule Contains :

Artemisia Absinthium (Afzantheen) 50 mg
Borax (Swaga) 50 mg
Ficus Hispida (anjir) (Anjir Desi) 50 mg
Fumeria (spp) (Shahatra) 70 mg
Solanum Nigrum (Mako) 70 mg
Chena Podium (Batwa) 70 mg
Tephrosia Purpurea (Sarpoka) 70 mg
Psoralea Corylibolia (Babchi) 70 mg
Actions :
  • A Demulcent, soothes the lining of the stomach, either through a coating or an inherent anti-inflammatory action.
  • A Vulnerary, speeds up natural wound healing.
  • An Anti-inflammatory, reduces localized mucosal reaction.
  • A Carminative, eases any subsequent flatulence lower down in the abdomen.
  • An Astringent, reduces bleedings.